Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Easy peasy

More gratitude...
- I set up the Capital Area Food Bank on my online billpay. So now I pay them every month, along with my other bills. The money goes right to the food which goes to people. If you have ever been hungry, or poor, this is a very big deal. I have been poor enough to be hungry, thankfully for a brief time. But this is a kindness that I can do to help others who are probably just like I was. 

- The homeless need stuff. Usually warm stuff. I have lots of fleece scraps from blankies that I make for friends and family. I am going to make neck warmers from these scraps, sew them together and make bigger pieces. Should look like stained glass when I am done. Pretty and warm. 

- Call someone. Just to chat. I have several people I call each week. And several more that I email. Just to connect. It is good for you and for them. 

Whaaatever works,
Christine Amaryllis

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, to keep the republican nightmares from doing any more distracting...I propose that people are put to investigating every member of congress. Every one. This would put some people to work that are needing work. It could also all be done on a form or database. Then we could score each congressional member on a few items, such as do they pay their taxes, how many mistresses do they keep, ummm, do they brush their teeth three times a day, do they vote for issues or do they skip "class" a lot...you know what I mean. I think most of this info is easily discoverable. So, that would make the congress people too busy minding their own beeswax to have any time for sneaky maneuvers etc. 

Some freakshow republican in Minnesota, Michelle something, once smirked that she thought all congress should be checked to see whether they were "amurican patriots" or some such thing. This might be close to that idea except for real matters. Some things are subjective, but some things are facts. 

Anyway, just a thought, after hearing that the congress wasted a bit of time today trying to dislodge Rengel, who has been in office like 40 years. Seems a little disingenuous to me. 

Christine Amaryllis

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here is a nice story.

Once upon a time, I worked for a very nice man. He was very involved in different kinds of charities, and the company he founded showed it. 

One time, he took the whole company out for a field trip. We went to Barnes & Noble. He gave us all gift certificates, and told us to pick a name from the giving tree and find some books that we loved as children, and to donate them to the giving tree organization. This sparked a very nice discussion among the employees about what books inspired them, what they loved, how the book changed them. Then came the part where we could share the books with some unknown children. So very cool! Then said boss took us all to lunch. This was the best company Holiday party ever. 

We also did a charity drive, where you were supposed to buy and bring in your favorite toy from childhood to donate to Brown or Blue Santa. Another really great event. 

This man is very humble, and always gets embarrassed when I bring up things like this. But, the thing is, he embodies love and caring for his fellow humans. And I honor him for it. It IS a big deal. And, you know who you are.

So, for your next Holiday party, especially in this down economy, how about thinking of sharing a little? We all have abundance, we really do, and if everyone can give a little it can mean a lot.

Whaaatever works,
Christine Amaryllis

Friday, September 18, 2009

Racism, the South, and Bigmouths

The racism thing is finally out on the table. Nice to know. The ignorant and hateful racist  people are showing their true colors, led by their master Limbaugh. FOX News (FIX Noise as I like to think of them) is stirring that cauldron of hate as hard as it can. And their low intelligence followers are taking up the banner. This makes me so angry I could spit. I live in the south, but am not from here. There is a lot less prejudice against Blacks in the north. There is more prejudice against other ethnicities, such as Jews etc. there than there is here, though. Maybe when we have a Jewish president it will get this ugly. But somehow I doubt it. 

Health care. WTH? This mess that Baucus came up with, which was clearly in favor of the insurance industry, and which is not anywhere near reform, is what is on the table?Not acceptable. A government run health plan would be good. Anything would be better than the evil insurance industry. They are as bad as the banks, the credit card companies and Wall Street in unscrupulousness. Want to know who is hiring, and has been hiring, lately? Insurance companies. I see job postings for lots of them every day. What does the American citizen need? The ability to go to the doctor when they need to. And the ability to get specialized treatment if the doctor and the patient want to. Where does the insurance industry fall in this equation? It shouldn't be in there. All the loonies who are screaming about death panels should look no further than managed care. Who decides if you can get treatment? Hmmmm. 

And lastly. I wrote to MSNBC the other day, forwarding them a post by the very pacifist minister of the local UU church that I have been known to attend. He asks where the "lions" of the media are. Who is standing up to the Limbaughs and Becks, to the fruitcakes that are screaming in crowds and town halls, to the politicians that are lying lying lying? Who is calling them out, who is saying "That is a lie." 

Man, we need some more lions, or the sheep are going to be fleeced.
Christine Amaryllis 

Friday, September 11, 2009


OK,, so a member of congress yells an insult to the president while he is speaking. That's enough, he should be censured. But, he apologizes, and Obama accepts. And now he is back to mouthing off about his bad behavior. Whaaat? There is no accountability here, he should be slapped. There is apparently a rule in Congress that you can't do this. I am calling Speaker Pelosi and speaking my mind. And, the ignorant people of South Carolina are proud of this yahoo? I am starting to wonder about the intelligence level in the southern states. OK. I have been wondering for a while. No insult really intended, but who is the media covering? Bigmouthed racist imbeciles from the South. Whaaaatever! 

To other topics. Health care is the bone of contention right now. Instead of all this name calling and outright LYING, what would be the chance of everyone sitting down and having a civilized conversation and figuring out a plan? Is this such a novel idea? Am I expecting too much to think there could be pragmatism in the bureaucracy? Probably. There are industries that pay our representatives to vote a certain way. It is not even clandestine. It is a fact that a lot of the congress are in the pay of the insurance industry. I hate insurance. Always have. I also am not fond of the medical industry.

But, enough for now. 
Christine Amaryllis

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is everyone losing their marbles? Parts 1 and 2

**Updated below**
Part 1
OK, the President of the United States of America is addressing school children on their first day of school. This is big news? Oh, wait, it is because the BLACK president of the United States of America is addressing the school children. So there must be some nefarious reason, right? So conservatives are keeping their children home from school...and people are screaming about indoctrination? This is unbelievable. The president was elected by a majority of Americans. Yet, the mouthy minority makes the news every single day. Why? I heard a talking head on tv on Sunday, saying that this "outrage" is purely stupid. Yes, he actually called it by its name. I really think all these freaks should just homeschool their kids, and sequester them from other children, if they are so determined not to let them ever have an independent thought. 

I have a fantasy. No, nothing weird. My fantasy is that all these crazy people who are either religious fanatics, or racist political fanatics or whatever move to an island. A big island. And cut themselves off from society, so they can have it their way without trying to drag everyone else with them. I really think this would solve a lot of problems. I read a book a million years ago, by Ernest Callenbach, called Ectopia. In it, Washington, Oregon and northern California seceded from the United States and became their own country. I always loved that idea. Northern and Southern California are always threatening to break up into two states. Usually over water. Maybe we should give Texas to those people, instead of an island. They could fence the borders all around...hell, the governor already wants to secede from the US, and he is one of the people who would go to the island in my fantasy.

Sigh. OK, back to reality and away from Chrissy dreamland. 

I hope that if you are reading this, you will personally make it a point to say something to the next person you hear spouting stupid nonsense. Write that letter to the newspaper. Send an email to your representatives. Call your congressperson. (Charles called his senator recently, and gave his aide a piece of his mind. Go Charles!) The silent majority needs to speak up. Because the freaky minority won't SHUT up.
Part 2
So, the President gave his speech to the schoolkids. Gasp! He told them to stay in school, and work hard, and take advantage of the opportunities they get! (my paraphrase) What! How could he say such a thing! And so here come perhaps several more news days of everyone dissecting his speech to see if there were any secret code words that would make all the kids eyes gleam and take on a hypnotized stare...Olbermann et al are right. It is stupidity that makes the ill bred and ill informed minority mouth off about this. This all comes from the same mouths that assured us that any health care reform would mean death panels etc.

 I hope he uses a lot stronger language when addressing the congress. Like maybe get the heck to work and get the bill to my desk NOW. If I acted like my representatives are acting, obstructing and arguing and telling lie after lie, I would be fired from my job. One can only hope the voters will decide not to accept this level of work and fire some of the representatives who are doing all this.

Whaaaatever, again,
Christine Amaryllis

Saturday, September 5, 2009


A nice long weekend. That is a good thing. Although Charles has the tv on and news and politics. I am drowning it out with celtic music in my workroom.

I am making a doll as a gift to a coworker's wife. It has been an interesting and slightly challenging project. She gave me a doll sized kimono, and asked for a doll to go in it. But it is coming along. I will post a photo when finished.

Next project is some fleece blankies for the elders. I need to find a nursing home around here that wants them. I gave one to my friend's mother a few weeks before she passed away. She loved it. It seems that everyone was giving her things in boring colors, like tan and beige. Ha. Her personality was definitely red and purple. So I made a blazingly colorful blankie for her. I bet some other people there would like these. And I will like making them. Every stitch has a little love in it. I wish I could do this full time.

Christine Amaryllis

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Whoa. I think we all need to stop and take a breath. And another.
I just read about some freaky pastor in Arizona who is calling for President Obama's death? All good Christian people ought to be screaming about this. I am not a Christian but would hope that anyone who uses that label would be horrified by this. I also just read about another minister who is calling for his death as well. This, and fistfights and biting off body parts at rallies for health care. The nightly news with crazies like Rush Limbaugh, babbling nonsense and the other nuts who lie on public airwaves and the parents that are going to take their kids out of school for a day so will not hear what the President of the United States of America has to say about health care?

There is too much information available right now. Too many people making statements that are outright lies, or half truths, or insane mutterings, that are getting so much media coverage it is like the second coming. A friend suggested a news fast. Good idea, except how can you avoid it? 

I know that people have been acting this way all along. But we didn't used to have to hear about it endlessly. It is kind of like the Gosselin sideshow. Those poor kids. And what about the Palin/Johnson sideshow. Both those families need to just go to therapy and stay off the news. If I wanted to read stuff like this, I would subscribe to the National Enquirer. Why do the mainstream media people even give these things the dignity of discussion?

And where is our debate about health care? I personally don't care what happens. But my SO is uninsured, and cares a lot. I think it would be a good thing if the insurance industry was reined in. A lot. Just like your credit score, your health information, correct or not, follows you everywhere. We need reform. That is why the majority of the citizens of the USA voted for Obama. His main thing was health care reform. And now that he is trying to carry his promise out, people are freaking. Socialism is not a bad thing. Especially in terms of human services. But what we are talking about is not socialism by any means. It is reform. And, the republicants in congress are never going to do anything except be obstructive. We have a majority, we should just make it happen and let them scream. Witness Senator Grassley. A liar and a hypocrite. His constituents should kick him out for being a two faced imbecile. If the republicants have a better plan, trot it out. But they don't, they want nothing to change, and we all know that is the definition of insanity...to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Our country needs leadership, and a better grip on how to handle ourselves. I read someone's blog earlier that said Obama promised change. Not instant change, but change. And he is our best hope for that. I can't imagine how he can sleep at night. But I am behind him all the way. 

Christine Amaryllis

Sunday, August 30, 2009


My father died about 18 years ago. He hated the Kennedys, thought they were taking the country in the wrong direction, etc. etc. I was caught up in "Camelot", and was a little worshipful as a child. I remember him giving one of my brothers a haircut, and remarking that my brother looked just like John Kennedy now. My father was really mad. The irony is that my father is in Arlington National Cemetery. As apparently are the Kennedy brothers. Perhaps his spirit can wander over and argue with them about health care, or politics. He would like that.

Other than that, today's issues of health care are really so difficult. Charles went to a rally downtown yesterday. There were many people there, wanting to discuss and argue about how to reform health care. There were also some crazies, who just wanted to be disruptive and scream. If only the people who disagreed could be coherent. Without all the hysteria and lies about killing grandma. I couldn't believe that Huckabee made a statement that Senator Kennedy would have been encouraged to die with health care reform. It seemed almost shameful for him to say that. A. he is supposedly a minister, and B. it is a lie, over and above the fact that Kennedy was barely cold before he was being used by a liar. I have no patience for lies and hypocrisy. I am not always right, but I am honest.

I also saw something on TV about the Chinese, and how they were in kind of the same shape the US was in, economically speaking. That is disturbing, that another very large nation is going through the same thing we are, even though they profess to a different type of government. I don't think the government is the best answer to everything. But I do think it is the right answer for health care. I have always said I would never work for an insurance company. That would be the ultimate in hypocrisy for me. I have medical insurance through my work, but rarely use it. Why? Because I think Americans are too willing to give their health over to "A Doctor". And that for whatever reason, possibly because doctors are schooled in saving lives, we go through all kinds of treatments when the obvious answer is lose some weight and make better food choices. Ever notice how many viagra and cialis commercials there are? And how many ads for making your children behave in school? Or for depression? There are better ways to treat these things, but we Americans don't seem to want to hear them. We want the silver bullet. And I think that is a bad path to be going down. Besides, do you know where a lot of the medications end up, for better or worse? In our water supply. So, really, we are probably all taking some of these medications.

Sometimes I think we need to just stop everything for a minute, and regroup. But, whaaatever.
Christine Amaryllis

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More positive

Another day. 
Positive things today...

- Charity quilting. Making fleece blankies, hats, scarves for the homeless. (well, the homeless in the northern states anyway.)
- Giving toys to children in foster care and via Brown and Blue Santa
- Do 1 Nice Thing.com
- Setting up the Food Bank on your bill pay for a set amount each month
- Doing a small kindness in honor of Mother Teresa's birthday (today)

or Whaaaatever! you can do!
Christine Amaryllis

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Rant

What is going on in the world right now?
I feel nervous, every day. Things I blame are:
- 24/7 news overload, between the internet and TV and radio. Everyone's opinions on what might happen. Constantly. Sometimes broadcast several times a night. It makes me anxious. A little good news please! The economy is stabilizing a tiny bit, why not talk about that instead of what might happen with health care? Congress is not in session, nothing happening right now. We won't know till they get back. Why discuss it endlessly? And why give air time and brain time to the idiotic mouthings of the liars that are trying to scare people?
- People worrying out loud over every little thing... What if??? I say Whaaatever!
- Terrorists. Right here in River City. People walking around with semi automatic weapons in plain sight. At public events where there are crowds of people, presidents, things like that. Sure, it is everyone's right, I guess, according to the laws of our land. But why would someone do that? I say it is terrorism, given the way things are lately. And, if I ever see anyone with an assault rifle out in public, I am going to point at them and start SCREAMING at the top of my lungs. And that is MY right. 
-Texas education. Other places too. Teachers shoving their thin version of religion down the student's throat, paid for by my tax dollars. Separation of church and state is also guaranteed by the laws of our land. No. My son had to dance through this at his public school. And, even though I tried to contact the principal to complain, he would not respond. So, no accountability either.
-Lack of competence. What is up with our lawmakers? The Democrats take the high road, and use rational, logical arguments. The Republicans sound like crazy people. And Rush Limbaugh is telling them what to do next. But Rational versus Feelings is not the answer. In my relationship there is a balance of rational and feelings. How hard is it?
-Liars. OK, it is a known stereotype that politicians lie, and will sell their souls for votes. But, there used to be some competence in public office. Didn't there? Or am I just remembering it wrong? Governors quitting because they are being made fun of for trotting out their "model families" who turn out to be not so model. Governors playing hooky to have affairs in other countries. "The Family" coverups of all sorts of sordid stories. The "Party of No" who obstructs what the majority of the country wants, and tells lies about why. The seemingly wishy washy approach of the White House, although I do hope that some kind of bipartisan agreement is possible, somehow somewhere someday. 

OK. This is the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to join in. Maybe tomorrow's post will be "good things" instead of irritating ones.

Christine Amaryllis