Friday, September 11, 2009


OK,, so a member of congress yells an insult to the president while he is speaking. That's enough, he should be censured. But, he apologizes, and Obama accepts. And now he is back to mouthing off about his bad behavior. Whaaat? There is no accountability here, he should be slapped. There is apparently a rule in Congress that you can't do this. I am calling Speaker Pelosi and speaking my mind. And, the ignorant people of South Carolina are proud of this yahoo? I am starting to wonder about the intelligence level in the southern states. OK. I have been wondering for a while. No insult really intended, but who is the media covering? Bigmouthed racist imbeciles from the South. Whaaaatever! 

To other topics. Health care is the bone of contention right now. Instead of all this name calling and outright LYING, what would be the chance of everyone sitting down and having a civilized conversation and figuring out a plan? Is this such a novel idea? Am I expecting too much to think there could be pragmatism in the bureaucracy? Probably. There are industries that pay our representatives to vote a certain way. It is not even clandestine. It is a fact that a lot of the congress are in the pay of the insurance industry. I hate insurance. Always have. I also am not fond of the medical industry.

But, enough for now. 
Christine Amaryllis

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