Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is everyone losing their marbles? Parts 1 and 2

**Updated below**
Part 1
OK, the President of the United States of America is addressing school children on their first day of school. This is big news? Oh, wait, it is because the BLACK president of the United States of America is addressing the school children. So there must be some nefarious reason, right? So conservatives are keeping their children home from school...and people are screaming about indoctrination? This is unbelievable. The president was elected by a majority of Americans. Yet, the mouthy minority makes the news every single day. Why? I heard a talking head on tv on Sunday, saying that this "outrage" is purely stupid. Yes, he actually called it by its name. I really think all these freaks should just homeschool their kids, and sequester them from other children, if they are so determined not to let them ever have an independent thought. 

I have a fantasy. No, nothing weird. My fantasy is that all these crazy people who are either religious fanatics, or racist political fanatics or whatever move to an island. A big island. And cut themselves off from society, so they can have it their way without trying to drag everyone else with them. I really think this would solve a lot of problems. I read a book a million years ago, by Ernest Callenbach, called Ectopia. In it, Washington, Oregon and northern California seceded from the United States and became their own country. I always loved that idea. Northern and Southern California are always threatening to break up into two states. Usually over water. Maybe we should give Texas to those people, instead of an island. They could fence the borders all around...hell, the governor already wants to secede from the US, and he is one of the people who would go to the island in my fantasy.

Sigh. OK, back to reality and away from Chrissy dreamland. 

I hope that if you are reading this, you will personally make it a point to say something to the next person you hear spouting stupid nonsense. Write that letter to the newspaper. Send an email to your representatives. Call your congressperson. (Charles called his senator recently, and gave his aide a piece of his mind. Go Charles!) The silent majority needs to speak up. Because the freaky minority won't SHUT up.
Part 2
So, the President gave his speech to the schoolkids. Gasp! He told them to stay in school, and work hard, and take advantage of the opportunities they get! (my paraphrase) What! How could he say such a thing! And so here come perhaps several more news days of everyone dissecting his speech to see if there were any secret code words that would make all the kids eyes gleam and take on a hypnotized stare...Olbermann et al are right. It is stupidity that makes the ill bred and ill informed minority mouth off about this. This all comes from the same mouths that assured us that any health care reform would mean death panels etc.

 I hope he uses a lot stronger language when addressing the congress. Like maybe get the heck to work and get the bill to my desk NOW. If I acted like my representatives are acting, obstructing and arguing and telling lie after lie, I would be fired from my job. One can only hope the voters will decide not to accept this level of work and fire some of the representatives who are doing all this.

Whaaaatever, again,
Christine Amaryllis

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