Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Easy peasy

More gratitude...
- I set up the Capital Area Food Bank on my online billpay. So now I pay them every month, along with my other bills. The money goes right to the food which goes to people. If you have ever been hungry, or poor, this is a very big deal. I have been poor enough to be hungry, thankfully for a brief time. But this is a kindness that I can do to help others who are probably just like I was. 

- The homeless need stuff. Usually warm stuff. I have lots of fleece scraps from blankies that I make for friends and family. I am going to make neck warmers from these scraps, sew them together and make bigger pieces. Should look like stained glass when I am done. Pretty and warm. 

- Call someone. Just to chat. I have several people I call each week. And several more that I email. Just to connect. It is good for you and for them. 

Whaaatever works,
Christine Amaryllis

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, to keep the republican nightmares from doing any more distracting...I propose that people are put to investigating every member of congress. Every one. This would put some people to work that are needing work. It could also all be done on a form or database. Then we could score each congressional member on a few items, such as do they pay their taxes, how many mistresses do they keep, ummm, do they brush their teeth three times a day, do they vote for issues or do they skip "class" a lot...you know what I mean. I think most of this info is easily discoverable. So, that would make the congress people too busy minding their own beeswax to have any time for sneaky maneuvers etc. 

Some freakshow republican in Minnesota, Michelle something, once smirked that she thought all congress should be checked to see whether they were "amurican patriots" or some such thing. This might be close to that idea except for real matters. Some things are subjective, but some things are facts. 

Anyway, just a thought, after hearing that the congress wasted a bit of time today trying to dislodge Rengel, who has been in office like 40 years. Seems a little disingenuous to me. 

Christine Amaryllis

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here is a nice story.

Once upon a time, I worked for a very nice man. He was very involved in different kinds of charities, and the company he founded showed it. 

One time, he took the whole company out for a field trip. We went to Barnes & Noble. He gave us all gift certificates, and told us to pick a name from the giving tree and find some books that we loved as children, and to donate them to the giving tree organization. This sparked a very nice discussion among the employees about what books inspired them, what they loved, how the book changed them. Then came the part where we could share the books with some unknown children. So very cool! Then said boss took us all to lunch. This was the best company Holiday party ever. 

We also did a charity drive, where you were supposed to buy and bring in your favorite toy from childhood to donate to Brown or Blue Santa. Another really great event. 

This man is very humble, and always gets embarrassed when I bring up things like this. But, the thing is, he embodies love and caring for his fellow humans. And I honor him for it. It IS a big deal. And, you know who you are.

So, for your next Holiday party, especially in this down economy, how about thinking of sharing a little? We all have abundance, we really do, and if everyone can give a little it can mean a lot.

Whaaatever works,
Christine Amaryllis