Thursday, September 3, 2009


Whoa. I think we all need to stop and take a breath. And another.
I just read about some freaky pastor in Arizona who is calling for President Obama's death? All good Christian people ought to be screaming about this. I am not a Christian but would hope that anyone who uses that label would be horrified by this. I also just read about another minister who is calling for his death as well. This, and fistfights and biting off body parts at rallies for health care. The nightly news with crazies like Rush Limbaugh, babbling nonsense and the other nuts who lie on public airwaves and the parents that are going to take their kids out of school for a day so will not hear what the President of the United States of America has to say about health care?

There is too much information available right now. Too many people making statements that are outright lies, or half truths, or insane mutterings, that are getting so much media coverage it is like the second coming. A friend suggested a news fast. Good idea, except how can you avoid it? 

I know that people have been acting this way all along. But we didn't used to have to hear about it endlessly. It is kind of like the Gosselin sideshow. Those poor kids. And what about the Palin/Johnson sideshow. Both those families need to just go to therapy and stay off the news. If I wanted to read stuff like this, I would subscribe to the National Enquirer. Why do the mainstream media people even give these things the dignity of discussion?

And where is our debate about health care? I personally don't care what happens. But my SO is uninsured, and cares a lot. I think it would be a good thing if the insurance industry was reined in. A lot. Just like your credit score, your health information, correct or not, follows you everywhere. We need reform. That is why the majority of the citizens of the USA voted for Obama. His main thing was health care reform. And now that he is trying to carry his promise out, people are freaking. Socialism is not a bad thing. Especially in terms of human services. But what we are talking about is not socialism by any means. It is reform. And, the republicants in congress are never going to do anything except be obstructive. We have a majority, we should just make it happen and let them scream. Witness Senator Grassley. A liar and a hypocrite. His constituents should kick him out for being a two faced imbecile. If the republicants have a better plan, trot it out. But they don't, they want nothing to change, and we all know that is the definition of do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Our country needs leadership, and a better grip on how to handle ourselves. I read someone's blog earlier that said Obama promised change. Not instant change, but change. And he is our best hope for that. I can't imagine how he can sleep at night. But I am behind him all the way. 

Christine Amaryllis

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