Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Easy peasy

More gratitude...
- I set up the Capital Area Food Bank on my online billpay. So now I pay them every month, along with my other bills. The money goes right to the food which goes to people. If you have ever been hungry, or poor, this is a very big deal. I have been poor enough to be hungry, thankfully for a brief time. But this is a kindness that I can do to help others who are probably just like I was. 

- The homeless need stuff. Usually warm stuff. I have lots of fleece scraps from blankies that I make for friends and family. I am going to make neck warmers from these scraps, sew them together and make bigger pieces. Should look like stained glass when I am done. Pretty and warm. 

- Call someone. Just to chat. I have several people I call each week. And several more that I email. Just to connect. It is good for you and for them. 

Whaaatever works,
Christine Amaryllis

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