Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So, to keep the republican nightmares from doing any more distracting...I propose that people are put to investigating every member of congress. Every one. This would put some people to work that are needing work. It could also all be done on a form or database. Then we could score each congressional member on a few items, such as do they pay their taxes, how many mistresses do they keep, ummm, do they brush their teeth three times a day, do they vote for issues or do they skip "class" a know what I mean. I think most of this info is easily discoverable. So, that would make the congress people too busy minding their own beeswax to have any time for sneaky maneuvers etc. 

Some freakshow republican in Minnesota, Michelle something, once smirked that she thought all congress should be checked to see whether they were "amurican patriots" or some such thing. This might be close to that idea except for real matters. Some things are subjective, but some things are facts. 

Anyway, just a thought, after hearing that the congress wasted a bit of time today trying to dislodge Rengel, who has been in office like 40 years. Seems a little disingenuous to me. 

Christine Amaryllis

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