Sunday, August 30, 2009


My father died about 18 years ago. He hated the Kennedys, thought they were taking the country in the wrong direction, etc. etc. I was caught up in "Camelot", and was a little worshipful as a child. I remember him giving one of my brothers a haircut, and remarking that my brother looked just like John Kennedy now. My father was really mad. The irony is that my father is in Arlington National Cemetery. As apparently are the Kennedy brothers. Perhaps his spirit can wander over and argue with them about health care, or politics. He would like that.

Other than that, today's issues of health care are really so difficult. Charles went to a rally downtown yesterday. There were many people there, wanting to discuss and argue about how to reform health care. There were also some crazies, who just wanted to be disruptive and scream. If only the people who disagreed could be coherent. Without all the hysteria and lies about killing grandma. I couldn't believe that Huckabee made a statement that Senator Kennedy would have been encouraged to die with health care reform. It seemed almost shameful for him to say that. A. he is supposedly a minister, and B. it is a lie, over and above the fact that Kennedy was barely cold before he was being used by a liar. I have no patience for lies and hypocrisy. I am not always right, but I am honest.

I also saw something on TV about the Chinese, and how they were in kind of the same shape the US was in, economically speaking. That is disturbing, that another very large nation is going through the same thing we are, even though they profess to a different type of government. I don't think the government is the best answer to everything. But I do think it is the right answer for health care. I have always said I would never work for an insurance company. That would be the ultimate in hypocrisy for me. I have medical insurance through my work, but rarely use it. Why? Because I think Americans are too willing to give their health over to "A Doctor". And that for whatever reason, possibly because doctors are schooled in saving lives, we go through all kinds of treatments when the obvious answer is lose some weight and make better food choices. Ever notice how many viagra and cialis commercials there are? And how many ads for making your children behave in school? Or for depression? There are better ways to treat these things, but we Americans don't seem to want to hear them. We want the silver bullet. And I think that is a bad path to be going down. Besides, do you know where a lot of the medications end up, for better or worse? In our water supply. So, really, we are probably all taking some of these medications.

Sometimes I think we need to just stop everything for a minute, and regroup. But, whaaatever.
Christine Amaryllis

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