Saturday, September 5, 2009


A nice long weekend. That is a good thing. Although Charles has the tv on and news and politics. I am drowning it out with celtic music in my workroom.

I am making a doll as a gift to a coworker's wife. It has been an interesting and slightly challenging project. She gave me a doll sized kimono, and asked for a doll to go in it. But it is coming along. I will post a photo when finished.

Next project is some fleece blankies for the elders. I need to find a nursing home around here that wants them. I gave one to my friend's mother a few weeks before she passed away. She loved it. It seems that everyone was giving her things in boring colors, like tan and beige. Ha. Her personality was definitely red and purple. So I made a blazingly colorful blankie for her. I bet some other people there would like these. And I will like making them. Every stitch has a little love in it. I wish I could do this full time.

Christine Amaryllis

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