Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Rant

What is going on in the world right now?
I feel nervous, every day. Things I blame are:
- 24/7 news overload, between the internet and TV and radio. Everyone's opinions on what might happen. Constantly. Sometimes broadcast several times a night. It makes me anxious. A little good news please! The economy is stabilizing a tiny bit, why not talk about that instead of what might happen with health care? Congress is not in session, nothing happening right now. We won't know till they get back. Why discuss it endlessly? And why give air time and brain time to the idiotic mouthings of the liars that are trying to scare people?
- People worrying out loud over every little thing... What if??? I say Whaaatever!
- Terrorists. Right here in River City. People walking around with semi automatic weapons in plain sight. At public events where there are crowds of people, presidents, things like that. Sure, it is everyone's right, I guess, according to the laws of our land. But why would someone do that? I say it is terrorism, given the way things are lately. And, if I ever see anyone with an assault rifle out in public, I am going to point at them and start SCREAMING at the top of my lungs. And that is MY right. 
-Texas education. Other places too. Teachers shoving their thin version of religion down the student's throat, paid for by my tax dollars. Separation of church and state is also guaranteed by the laws of our land. No. My son had to dance through this at his public school. And, even though I tried to contact the principal to complain, he would not respond. So, no accountability either.
-Lack of competence. What is up with our lawmakers? The Democrats take the high road, and use rational, logical arguments. The Republicans sound like crazy people. And Rush Limbaugh is telling them what to do next. But Rational versus Feelings is not the answer. In my relationship there is a balance of rational and feelings. How hard is it?
-Liars. OK, it is a known stereotype that politicians lie, and will sell their souls for votes. But, there used to be some competence in public office. Didn't there? Or am I just remembering it wrong? Governors quitting because they are being made fun of for trotting out their "model families" who turn out to be not so model. Governors playing hooky to have affairs in other countries. "The Family" coverups of all sorts of sordid stories. The "Party of No" who obstructs what the majority of the country wants, and tells lies about why. The seemingly wishy washy approach of the White House, although I do hope that some kind of bipartisan agreement is possible, somehow somewhere someday. 

OK. This is the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to join in. Maybe tomorrow's post will be "good things" instead of irritating ones.

Christine Amaryllis


  1. Step away from the tv! Then you'll feel a bit better. It helped me. Only now I get like 4 hours of npr per day, so it's not totally cured!

  2. Good point Mandi. I really limit my news intake, and still am anxious! :-) I think a nice cave somewhere would be good....


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