Friday, September 18, 2009

Racism, the South, and Bigmouths

The racism thing is finally out on the table. Nice to know. The ignorant and hateful racist  people are showing their true colors, led by their master Limbaugh. FOX News (FIX Noise as I like to think of them) is stirring that cauldron of hate as hard as it can. And their low intelligence followers are taking up the banner. This makes me so angry I could spit. I live in the south, but am not from here. There is a lot less prejudice against Blacks in the north. There is more prejudice against other ethnicities, such as Jews etc. there than there is here, though. Maybe when we have a Jewish president it will get this ugly. But somehow I doubt it. 

Health care. WTH? This mess that Baucus came up with, which was clearly in favor of the insurance industry, and which is not anywhere near reform, is what is on the table?Not acceptable. A government run health plan would be good. Anything would be better than the evil insurance industry. They are as bad as the banks, the credit card companies and Wall Street in unscrupulousness. Want to know who is hiring, and has been hiring, lately? Insurance companies. I see job postings for lots of them every day. What does the American citizen need? The ability to go to the doctor when they need to. And the ability to get specialized treatment if the doctor and the patient want to. Where does the insurance industry fall in this equation? It shouldn't be in there. All the loonies who are screaming about death panels should look no further than managed care. Who decides if you can get treatment? Hmmmm. 

And lastly. I wrote to MSNBC the other day, forwarding them a post by the very pacifist minister of the local UU church that I have been known to attend. He asks where the "lions" of the media are. Who is standing up to the Limbaughs and Becks, to the fruitcakes that are screaming in crowds and town halls, to the politicians that are lying lying lying? Who is calling them out, who is saying "That is a lie." 

Man, we need some more lions, or the sheep are going to be fleeced.
Christine Amaryllis 

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  1. Here's my take on Racist...
    Facts are facts, and some idiots will never stop being Racists, or denying that they are.
    Why argue a Moot question?
    I don't agree with Chuck being a Pacifist...I would hate to think what he would have to say if he wasn't! Whaaatver, he can speak for me too, any day. Anyway, why can't we all have his attitude, and talk to each other in determination, but kindness and love?


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